Four Money-Saving Design Tips for Your New Patio

If you are like many homeowners, you may have originally searched for a lovely home that had a beautiful, spacious backyard. Unfortunately, this space is often underutilized because it has not been finished with functional features. A backyard that is enjoyable to spend time in usually has at least a few creature comforts, such as a patio or deck, a seating area and other similar features. While funds available for a backyard makeover may be limited, you can use some of these money-saving design tips to create a gorgeous, functional space.
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Don’t Be Square, Go Circular

As summer gets going in full swing, and we are spending more time outdoors, perhaps it’s time to give your backyard a landscaping face lift. Having friends and family over on those summer nights is what life is all about. Sitting around a fire pit, or hosting a barbecue, are great ways to entertain on these warm summer nights. The problem that comes with a large number of people is making sure everyone has a place to sit. Dragging out the dusty folding chairs from the garage isn’t the most appealing option, but how else are you going to give everyone a seat? Here’s where built in outdoor seating saves the day.
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Boost Your Home’s Value by Adding a Deck

With summer on its way, nothing will enable you to get outside and enjoy those summer afternoons and evenings more than a good, solid, beautiful deck. You can build a deck yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Before building or even planning a deck, make sure to learn about your local building codes and what the permitting requirements are for decks in your area. The building codes may influence the style of deck, railing, and stairs that you use. Remember, the building codes are there to help you make sure your deck is safe and adds long-term value to your house.
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