Don’t Be Square, Go Circular

As summer gets going in full swing, and we are spending more time outdoors, perhaps it’s time to give your backyard a landscaping face lift. Having friends and family over on those summer nights is what life is all about. Sitting around a fire pit, or hosting a barbecue, are great ways to entertain on these warm summer nights. The problem that comes with a large number of people is making sure everyone has a place to sit. Dragging out the dusty folding chairs from the garage isn’t the most appealing option, but how else are you going to give everyone a seat? Here’s where built in outdoor seating saves the day.

Built in seating is a great addition to any backyard. It can be placed around a fire pit or within a garden, the options are endless. Consider half circle or full circle seating as an optimal way to maximize your space. The curve of the structure will allow for more people to sit, and also prevent unnecessary space being taken away from the rest of the yard. Another perk to this type of structure is that it makes for a graceful focal point in the yard. It is also easy to utilize the space in a way that fits your lifestyle. For those who have a green thumb, incorporate some planter boxes along the ends of your bench. Those with more practical needs can add cup holders to their seating area. Ideally you want to create as much seating as possible without taking away too much yard space.

The first step is to decide where your yard could use an upgraded seating area. Keep it close to where food can be served or cooked, but also in an area that is well protected from the elements. Near a shady tree or close to the walls of the house is a good option, but you can also create shade using awnings, pergolas, or a trellis. This way, your outdoor seating can be enjoyed year-round.

The next step is choosing which material you want your built in to be made of. Wooden benches are often pleasing to the eye and make for a softer addition to the yard. A downside is that it may splinter and deteriorate a little faster than other materials. It is also more limiting in shape and structure. Concrete is another option to consider. It’s sturdy and provides a yard with a strong backbone. Concrete can easily be shaped to be a half or full circle, and can incorporate minor details specific to each home. Concrete is a fairly permanent structure however, and should be placed in a spot that will be utilized for many years to come. A third option for circular seating, and the most versatile, is stone. Stone can be built up in any way that you would like. There are a variety of colors and tones, as well as different sized pieces to make every structure unique. Stone adds more of a natural appearance to a yard, and holds up well for all four seasons.

There are other materials that can be considered as well, including tile, wicker, and teak. Better yet, use more than one and create a space that is unique to you. Always consider the year round climate to better ensure your new landscaping will withstand any weather related wear and tear. Ultimately, it is going to be a spot where everyone can come hang out, have a drink, and relax. Your new circular built in seating will provide plenty of room for everyone to enjoy. You may even inspire others to consider doing the same in their yards!

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