Four Money-Saving Design Tips for Your New Patio

If you are like many homeowners, you may have originally searched for a lovely home that had a beautiful, spacious backyard. Unfortunately, this space is often underutilized because it has not been finished with functional features. A backyard that is enjoyable to spend time in usually has at least a few creature comforts, such as a patio or deck, a seating area and other similar features. While funds available for a backyard makeover may be limited, you can use some of these money-saving design tips to create a gorgeous, functional space.

Take Advantage of the Natural Landscape

Some homeowners have a preconceived plan in mind for how their updated space will look. However, trying to force your design plan into a natural area may unnecessarily increase the cost of your project. A better approach is to take the natural landscape into consideration when creating a plan for your backyard. For example, look at the grading of the land, and create a patio or desk design that takes the slope of the yard into consideration. Another idea is to incorporate trees and other features into your design for individuality rather than to pay money to have them removed.

Choose the Right Materials

Regardless of whether you intend to install a patio or a deck, keep in mind that your choice of materials will impact the upfront cost of your project as well as future maintenance tasks and costs. For example, both pine and cedar are some of the common materials used for decks. Cedar may be more durable and resistant to weatherization, but all wood materials will require regular sealing or staining. An alternative to wood is to use a durable faux wood material. You can also compare the costs between concrete, natural stone and stained concrete materials for a patio.

Select Features That Are Most Important

It may be nice to create a patio or deck design that incorporates an outdoor living area, an outdoor kitchen area and other elaborate features, but your budget may not allow for these upgrades. You understandably want to create an outdoor area that is functional for your intended purposes, so spend time determining which features are most important to your functional use of the space. For example, for many people, having a place to sit comfortably outdoors may be more important than having an outdoor cook area.

Limit the Use of Built-In Features

Built-in features on your patio or deck can cost a small fortune, and this may not be the most cost-effective option available. Rather than pay money to create permanent features, such as is the case with planters or a built-in grill, you can place these features on the deck or patio individually. It is much more affordable in most cases to purchase a few potted plants and a portable grill than to install these as permanent features. This may hold true for lighting, a firepit and many other desired features as well. Furthermore, by adding these features at your own pace after the patio or deck installation, you have greater control over your budget.

By spending time and money updating your backyard with a gorgeous new deck or patio, you can improve the functionality of this space. After the installation has been completed, you will have a lovely new space to enjoy outdoors for relaxing on your own or entertaining family and friends. Each of these tips can help you to save money on your project in different ways. For the most cost-effective results, combine these tips together as you prepare your patio or deck design.

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