The Perfect Sun Arbor For Your Home

If considering a sun arbor for your home, you have quite a few design concepts to work with when planning your upgrade. If your goal is a relaxing, private space to socialize with friends and loved ones, you can add a range of elements to really make the space your own.

Enjoy the outdoors

A backyard has so much potential. Getting an arbor in your backyard is one of the most common ways to maximize your yard’s potential. An arbor is about getting the most out of your yard. You want to have the perfect backyard that incorporates personal taste preferences with functionality. There are quite a few ways to accomplish this. You’d be surprised at what combinations of styling elements and features can really work for your backyard space.

Benefits of arbors

One of the most common reasons for creating a backyard arbor is to create a more comfortable living space for residents. In adding one to the backyard, you can enjoy a cooler environment to relax in during the warmer months. You can also adapt your backyard to entertain guests and loved ones by adding family-friendly elements to the backyard. Perhaps you are an avid gardener with a green thumb that would benefit from a special space to garden. You may want to build that resort-like haven just for personal “me” time.

Gazebos vs. Arbors-What’s the difference?

There are distinct differences between the two. Gazebos are not enclosed whereas arbors are. Both can be fabricated using wood or vinyl. Arbors usually feature prominent posts that are used to support a cross beam. Lattice-like fencing elements are often a part of the design. The pitched ceiling and lattice architectural elements are common features as well. Both can be customized to suit one’s personal design preferences. Homeowners tend to find them virtually maintenance free. Fabricated from wood or vinyl, both arbors and gazebos can be pre-fabricated or customized with style elements and interesting dimensions.

Design ideas for the backyard arbor

Build a garden. You can create a backyard arbor for the purpose of creating a garden space. Personalizing the space with lattice work allows vines to grow within the grooves and connecting points within the fence. Vine plants can be elevated and grown utilizing all of the vertical space made available through the ceiling. Garden trays can be attached to the railing for growing herbs and flowers.

A touch of elegance. The perfect arbor can create the perfect backdrop for a romantic sunset dinner. A chandelier attached to the middle supporting beam makes for a wonderful setting to catch up or unwind after a long day. Surrounded by trees, the ambiance is set for a private, intimate space to socialize.

Make it the focal point. Adding a bold archway complete with lattice work is sure to make the arbor a central space to connect and unwind. On an elevated platform, ample, comfy seating makes the space that much more relaxing. A natural dividing element like fencing separates the flow of the yard, adding zones throughout your backyard.

Add functionality to the area. You can incorporate a patio into the design of the backyard. Your backyard arbor fence shields you from the undesirable elements, promoting the preferred level of privacy everyone values. The featured grilling area occupies one side of the arbor area. A bar-like feature complete with patio furniture pieces like stools make for a great space to enjoy cocktails. A separate zone can include a cozy, stucco fireplace with a bench perfect for reading or taking in an awesome sunset.

The perfect environment for maximum shade in your very own personal private space gives you the backyard experience you deserve. Your home is your haven and the space where you unwind and relax with friends. You can incorporate privacy elements to promote maximum privacy and add features specifically designed for your personal style aspirations. If it is your home and your space, why not enjoy it completely on your very own terms? Contact us today to learn how we can get started on your very own sun harbor.

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