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What is a Pergola

Pergola 101: What Is a Pergola?

Whether you have a modest backyard or wide-open acreage, nothing transforms an outdoor space like a pergola. This unique outdoor structure can provide an alfresco venue for entertaining while adding value to your home. So, what exactly is a pergola, and what makes them so distinct from other types of outdoor structures? A pergola is …

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Backyards Builds

Backyards Builds 101

If you love home renovation shows, you have probably heard of Backyard Builds. Since this show is about turning uninviting backyards into something for the whole family, it is no surprise that more people wants to learn everything about them. With this Backyards Builds 101, you can gather more information about their show. Backyard Builds …

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Renovating Your Back Yard Is Worth It

5 Reasons Renovating Your Backyard Is Worth It

Renovating your backyard is worth the trouble for many reasons. There are all kinds of ways that you can remodel your backyard’s appearance or features to make it more welcoming.  Whether you’re interested in improving the aesthetics of your living space or just objectively increasing your property value, backyard renovations are a valuable investment. Why …

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Common Backyard Renovation Items

5 Common Backyard Renovation Items

Home renovations are one of the most exciting ways to spruce up your home. What better way than to add attraction to your backyard? Backyard renovations make the rear exterior of your house just as inviting as your interior. What are common backyard renovation items? From koi ponds to cabanas, there are so many backyard …

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What is an Arbor

What is an Arbor? Backyard 101

There are countless structures and features one can use to elevate their backyard and/or garden space.  From gazebos and pergolas to cabanas and ponds, the options are seemingly endless, each providing a unique aesthetic while also serving an important functional purpose. But what about an arbor? You may have seen these garden features before or …

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