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Backyards Builds 101

If you love home renovation shows, you have probably heard of Backyard Builds. Since this show is about turning uninviting backyards into something for the whole family, it is no surprise that more people wants to learn everything about them. With this Backyards Builds 101, you can gather more information about their show.

Backyard Builds is a home renovation show that takes real-life houses at real locations and turns their backyards into what the client dreams of.  

So how long do the renovations take? Where can I watch the show? You can find out these answers by reading this article. This Backyard Builds 101 can help you learn more about their filming locations and what it takes to be on the show.

Where is Backyard Builds Filmed?

Backyard Builds renovates and designs all types of backyards. They have become a popular show that is also part of the HGTV family. It is no surprise that with all the renovations and all the popularity, people want to know where they are filmed. Plus, gain more insight into the duo in charge.

Backyard Builds is a Canadian show with backyard renovations that takes place in Toronto, Canada. However, the team is constantly seeking other areas to film and do projects not only in Toronto but in the local surrounding areas. 

Since they are able to do all kinds of projects with a little planning, it comes as no surprise that their renovations are all unique and have included swimming pools and basketball courts.

Even though the renovations are part of the show, they are real-life and can be seen in the different areas in Toronto, Canada.

Are the hosts of Backyard Builds related?

Backyard Builds is hosted by a duo. With Brian McCourt, as the contractor, and designer Sarah Keenleyside expanding your backyard space, they can make your dreams come true. 

However, some viewers are wondering if the duo is related or perhaps even married.

While Brian may have six siblings, Sarah is not one of them. 

Brian, the contractor on Backyard Builds is one of seven children. He has four brothers and two sisters. 

Sarah, on the other hand, has two siblings. Being a middle child, Sarah has an older sister and a younger brother.

Are the Duo Married?

Since they are not related, there could be some questions about whether they may be married or not.

According to celebrity interviews with Marc & Mandy, Sarah and Brian are not married either. Sarah is actually married to singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge, whom she met through Instagram. They both share a son. 

How long does Backyard Builds take?

Backyard Builds does renovations for not only the clients but for the millions of fans watching. However, since they do renovations of different types and styles the length of time it takes could have viewers guessing. 

After the client is chosen, the team goes in and starts with the planning process and designing. At this stage, the renovations will take about four weeks. That is from start to finish. Now there could always be reasons why it could take a little longer to finish, but usually, they are on course. 

The designs and styles that Backyard Builders works on with their clients are almost endless. Their projects are based on what their clients are wanting and trying to work within a set budget. One backyard renovation included an office space while another had treehouses.

How Do You Get Featured on Backyard Builds?

Once you are on the show, everything else is up to the hosts. Of course, there are some details about the budget and designs. However, getting on the show is what is tricky. So how do you get to be on Backyard Builds?

For people that are interested in being featured on the show, there is a list of requirements to even qualify. These requirements can be found below.

To qualify for Backyard Builds, potential clients must:

  • Own a home that is located between 30 and 40 minutes from downtown Toronto.
  • Have availability between the months of April to November for on-camera interviews.
  • Be able to provide a detailed plan of what they plan for their backyard’s design to be.
  • Put aside at least $45,000 towards the renovation of their backyard. Funds are to be out of the client’s own money.
  • Be outgoing and show excitement and positivity for their renovations and be ready to help.

While this list of requirements for eligibility seems daunting, HGTV says that $10,000 awarded to selected participants is going to be put toward the prices of the labor and materials needed to start and complete the backyard renovations.

While it is not required, there is an option for eligible participants to send showrunners videos of themselves and their homes to help the show better understand what they are envisioning for their backyard. 

What’s the easiest way to watch Backyard Builds?

With the ever-increasing streaming websites, you may be wondering where you can watch Backyard Builds. There can be different places that will have all the seasons and episodes while some may only have a few. Here is a list of places where you can see Backyard Builds.

With these streaming services, you should be able to watch Backyard Builds. Hopefully, you can also catch up on the newest episodes.


Backyard Builds is a renovation show for backyards. While they may take ordinary backyards and turn them into extraordinary ones, there is a time frame. The renovations take around four weeks to complete and often include everything from planning to the finished product.  

Watching Backyard Builds shouldn’t be a hassle. There are so many types of streaming services that you can choose from. One of these options is Hulu.

While the show is great for entertainment purposes, Backyard Builds are life-changing for those that are in search of turning their backyards into something the whole family can enjoy. 

Plus, when you watch Backyard Builds, you can also gather ideas for your own backyard renovations.