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5 Tips For Finding a Good Deck Builder

You may be a first-time homeowner or are in the process of renovating or building a home. A deck is a good addition to a home. It’s trendy and adds significant benefits to the house. However, first, you must find a good deck builder, but you are unsure how to do so. 

Five tips for finding a good deck builder range from deciding what deck you want to install to ensure that the builder is licensed. Once you find a good deck builder, you will be able to reap the benefits, but it’s important to know what a deck builder is first before moving forward. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about a deck builder, what makes a good one, and five tips for finding a good one.

What is a Deck Builder?

It is important to know, first, what a deck builder is. A deck builder is someone, preferably licensed, a professional who builds outdoor decks. A deck will provide you with the extra space and room for entertainment and storage and increase in value. But to have a good deck, you need to have a good deck builder. So, what makes someone a good deck builder? Let’s continue reading to find out the qualities within deck builders that make them good and reliable.

What Makes a Good Deck Builder?

To have good results, you need a good builder who will give you the results that will satisfy your needs. Certain qualities in a deck builder stand out among others. Let’s continue reading to learn about the five qualities that make someone a good deck builder. 

Good Communication

They are excellent communicators and do not leave you in the dark. When you partner with someone building your deck, you are also lending them your trust in them because you are investing your time and physical money, which is a huge responsibility placed on you, so communication is critical.

They’re Licensed and Insured

Being licensed makes them more official and shows they know what they’re doing. And even if they make a mistake, you can rely on the fact that they are licensed versus if you hired someone who was not licensed and insured because any potential damage would depend solely on you. 

Good Customer Service and Reviews

They have good customer service and have good and positive reviews regarding their services. Good customer service entails returning to clients respectfully and promptly and not disregarding their feelings. And finding positive reviews will show that they are experienced, know what they are doing, and should be a considerable candidate to hire. 

They’re Experienced

Having a license and insurance is important, but along with this, they should be experienced at their jobs, as well. Having twenty, ten, or even a five-year experience at deck building can make the client more hopeful than someone whose only been building decks for a year or less. 

Good Pricing

A concern for most clients is the pricing. They do not want to break outside their budget as much as possible, so a deck builder with reasonable and competing pricing is of good quality. Another benefit is if they offer discounts or various specials because this will make them stand out more, too.

How Do I Find a Good Deck Builder?

Having a deck is important, but you should never hire a deck builder. Research is vital in finding a good deck builder, but people, first-time home buyers, and deck installers are not sure how to find a good, reputable one. To find a good deck builder, you could follow tips like these that include: 

  • Determine the deck you want and budget. 
  • Look at the reviews and their photos. 
  • Ensure they are licensed and reputable but near you. 
  • Speak with various builders and compare and contrast their offers. 
  • Have everything in writing. 

We will continue reading to learn more about the five tips for finding a good deck builder. 

5 Tips For Finding a Good Deck Builder

To have a good deck, you need to have a good deck builder who will not provide you with the bare minimum results. An excellent way to find a good deck builder is to consider following some tips that will lead you to beneficial results. Continue reading to read about five tips for finding a good deck builder. 

1. Pre-Decide the Deck and Budget

You need to know your deck design before anything else, along with your budget. To determine your deck design, ensure that you measure your yard to ensure that you can fulfill your wishes. Before meeting with anyone, you need to have specific wants and needs, or else there could be easy frustrations and communication issues between you and your builder. 

2. Look at Customer Reviews and Before and After Pictures

Make sure their website is professional looking. After this, look at the customer reviews and any before and after reviews they show on their website. If they do not provide before and after pictures, regardless of customer reviews, avoid these builders at all costs because you need to see evidence of how well they can install a deck.

3. Make Sure They’re Licensed and Near You

Ensure that the company is near your city or within a respectable distance in your state. To ensure this, ensure your location is on when searching on your laptop or any other device. Make sure that they are licensed builders. Type in the word ‘license’ in your search engine to ensure you hire someone more reputable. 

4. Speak With the Builders/Compare and Contrast

Make a list of builders that you are considering, and get into contact with them. Discuss your expectations, budget, their quotes, and compare and contrast the conversations between the companies. Doing this helps you weigh your options and determine which building company best fits you and your needs among your means.

5. Have Everything in Writing

Have everything in writing. A written, detailed contract that is agreed upon between both parties avoids any confusion, and you will have a set timeline and official pricing. You can refer to the contract for reference if anything goes wrong. And before you agree to anything within the contract, read it from top to bottom. 

After you have your deck installed and polished, you will be able to enjoy its significant benefits. Let’s continue reading to learn about some of the benefits of installing a deck in your house.

Benefits of Installing a Deck

Having a deck installed in your home is the new trendy thing. Although things that seem, and look cool, can feel like much work to others and, therefore, not worth the time, effort, and money spent on it. However, on the contrary, installing a deck can be well worth the while and beneficial investment. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about the five benefits of installing a deck in your home.

Quick Install

Building, renovating, or purchasing a home can be more egregious than installing a deck in the house. Once you’ve found a reputable builder willing to install the deck and received a quote reasonable to your budget, the installation is often quick, depending on the weather. It is easy since you do not have to move or rearrange anything. 

Increased Home Value

Adding a deck to your home can increase your home’s value if you are looking to sell in the future or want to purchase and use the home as an investment. Decks are trendy in a home because buyers wish for outdoor spaces to enjoy and relax with themselves, friends, and family instead of always sitting in the house.

Entertainment Time!

An added deck is beneficial for entertainment hosting events. Barbeques, an outdoor movie theater, or a place the party has a deck increase the likelihood of a way to provide these entertainments. Having events outside on your deck instead of inside gives the attendees space to roam around and not be on top of each other, not having enough space.

More Space and Less Landscaping

A deck is more space within your home. You can use it to your advantage to add more furniture or use it as storage space while remaining aesthetically pleasing to your home. Adding a deck also lessens your landscape maintenance because less grass means less grass and plants that need to be cut and kept up to care.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A deck is automatically aesthetically pleasing, and you can make it as appealing as you want with added customizations. A deck doesn’t have to be for sitting and entertainment, but it can be a second outdoor kitchen, adding a refrigerator, adding a fire pit, or a pool. You have many options to make your deck more aesthetically pleasing. 


Now that you know the five tips for finding a good deck builder, you will have the tools you need to find an experienced and reliable one. You have also learned about what a deck builder is and what makes someone a good deck builder, and the benefits of installing a deck.