Renovating Your Back Yard Is Worth It

5 Reasons Renovating Your Backyard Is Worth It

Renovating your backyard is worth the trouble for many reasons. There are all kinds of ways that you can remodel your backyard’s appearance or features to make it more welcoming. 

Whether you’re interested in improving the aesthetics of your living space or just objectively increasing your property value, backyard renovations are a valuable investment.

Why Renovate Your Backyard?

Backyard renovations are worth the investment for several main reasons: 

  • Increased livable space
  • Increased property value
  • Improved home entertainment options
  • Saved money from entertaining at home instead of going out
  • Physical and mental benefits of being outdoors

No matter what your reason is, renovating your backyard can have positive impacts on the appearance and functionality of your property. If you are thinking about renovating your backyard here’s an article suggestion on the items that improve backyard space.

Is Renovating Your Backyard Worth It?

Some backyard renovations improve your enjoyment of the house, while others increase your property’s practical value on the market. 

Either way, investing in backyard renovations means you’re getting the most bang for your buck out of your home.

5 Reasons Why Renovating Your Backyard Is Worth It

1. Backyard Renovations Increase Livable Space

Depending on where you live, your backyard might make up a large part of your overall property. Renovating the backyard allows you to make the most of the space you own. 

Investing in outdoor space is especially a good idea if you live in an older home that is small or has a closed floor plan. 

Bringing your entertainment and lounging outdoors can make your entire house feel more comforting and spacious. 

These are a few of the ways you can use a backyard renovation to increase your livable space: 

  • Add an accessory dwelling unit. Turning a shed into a small mother-in-law suite or other guest accommodations can make up the difference if you don’t have a spare room.
  • Create an outdoor living room. If your living room feels too cramped for the number of household members or guests you have, creating an outdoor lounge can help.
  • Use weather protection to go outdoors all year. Your backyard may feel like wasted space if you have no reprieve from the weather. An enclosed patio or firepit can make things warmer and more inviting. 

Increasing the livable space in your backyard can make you feel like the size of your home has doubled.

2. Backyard Renovations Improve Property Value

A more practical reason renovating your backyard is worth it is because many backyard renovations can increase the value of your home. 

In home improvement, this increase in value is known as “sweat equity.” 

By adding renovations that improve your backyard’s landscaping and layout, you can help your home appraise at a higher price. A nice backyard can also make a home easier to sell.

Here are a few renovations that can add monetary value to your home

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Firepit
  • Swimming pool
  • Shade and privacy structures
  • Edible landscaping like fruit trees

Some of the bigger features on this list of renovations might be a large financial investment, but the new functionality you’ll gain from the space by installing them will make it worth the money.

3. Backyard Renovations Enhance Home Entertainment

A major advantage of renovating your backyard is that you’ll have home entertainment options to encourage your family members and houseguests to spend more time outdoors. 

It’s easy to miss a more nostalgic time where everyone would gather around on the back porch and grill out or play games because these get-togethers bring people together.

The right backyard setup for home entertainment can help make this dream a reality.

These are a few of the home entertainment options you can consider once your backyard is renovated for entertaining: 

  • Movies and television: While you might think of watching movies and TV as indoor activities, outdoor movie projectors mean you can binge your favorite show or film in the backyard lounge area, too.
  • Outdoor dining: From cozy weekend breakfasts on the back porch to full candlelit dinners for two, outdoor dining options help make your backyard dinners more romantic and satisfying. 
  • Outdoor games: Whether you like croquet and cornhole to cards around the back patio table, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself and your guests entertained.
  • Bar and grill: Why pay for an expensive meal at a fancy outdoor bar and grill when your house can be the fancy outdoor bar and grill? Make ribs and cocktails at home to save money and gain popularity as the place to be in the neighborhood. 

No matter what your idea of home entertainment looks like, there are renovation designs that can help make your backyard dream a reality. 

4. Backyard Renovations Help Save Money

If you have to go out to entertain yourself, you’ll spend hundreds of extra dollars a year on entertainment and dining options outside the home. 

By watching a movie around the backyard projector or enjoying a dinner party on your own porch, you can have nice sensory experiences at a fraction of the cost. 

There are more practical ways to save money in your backyard, too. Try starting a vegetable garden or raising small livestock like chickens, quail, or rabbits to save money on food. 

5. Backyard Renovations Have Physical and Mental Benefits

Anything that encourages you to spend more time outdoors in your backyard can have cumulative positive effects on your physical and mental health.

Physical Benefits of Backyard Renovations

These are some of the physical benefits of spending time in nature in your backyard

  • Physical relaxation (reduced cortisol levels and blood pressure)
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Exposure to sunlight and increased Vitamin D
  • Reduction of depression symptoms like fatigue and anxiety

In a world where stress-related illness can contribute to serious degenerative diseases, it’s important to have a place where you can sit back and relax. 

Renovating your backyard allows you to get the most out of your property and feel good doing it, too. 

Mental Benefits of Backyard Renovations

Along with the physical benefits of renovating your backyard, you can enjoy several mental benefits as well. 

Here are some of the mental health advantages of spending time outside in nature on your property

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Improved attention span

When people think of taking in nature for mental and physical health benefits, they may think of hiking in the woods or swimming in a lake. 

However, there are plenty of backyard activities like gardening and birdwatching that can provide the benefits of nature without forcing you to take a camping trip for the weekend.

Get Started with a Backyard Renovation in the San Antonio Metro Area

Even though some backyard renovations may require an investment of several thousand dollars to pull off, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits if you improve your San Antonio residence. 

Backyard renovations are as worthwhile for someone remodeling their home for sale as they are for someone who plans to retire on the same lot. Either way, you’re getting a lot more out of the property.