Lovely outdoor deck patio space with white pergola, fire pit in the backyard of a luxury house.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Patio Covers & Sun Arbors

Patio covers and sun arbors serve important practical purposes and enhance the beauty of your property. As you’re enjoying the outdoor spaces surrounding your home, they offer you some relief from intense sunlight and heat. They can also appear in a variety of beautiful designs that add charm and uniqueness to your home.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Patio Cover & Sun Arbor

Building a patio cover gives you several key benefits. A patio cover can offer you some protection from rain and harsh sunlight. It offers you shade, helping you cool down on hot days. Patio covers can also add more style and beauty to your home. With the addition of a cover, your patio will appear more like an outdoor room, making your home look bigger. Our expertise gives us flexibility in how we build your patio cover. The cover can extend seamlessly from your home or exist as a separate piece of construction. We build it the way you want it to look, and we ensure that it’s built to last.

A sun arbor is a stylish addition to your property. As it soars over a part of your outdoor space, it helps soften or block strong sunlight. With the lovely pattern of its rafters and other construction elements, it also catches the eye and adds more beauty and visual interest to your home. We can build your sun arbor for a deck or patio. It can also rise from your garden or lawn; imagine the arbor surrounded by flowers or lush grass. We’re flexible with style, and our well-developed aesthetic taste helps ensure that the sun arbor becomes a natural part of your landscaping. Let us know how you envision your beautiful new sun arbor.

Our Patio Cover & Sun Arbor Process

Single Slope

A single slope roof can appear to flow seamlessly from your house, making your patio look even more like a natural extension of your home.


This style can give you broad coverage against rain and strong sunlight. It can also make your home appear larger.


With its triangular shape, a gable is a lovely architectural detail that gives your home and property additional charm and distinction.

Modified Hip

Every style has its variations that add visual interest to a structure. Patio covers and sun arbors need to look good from all angles, including the view from underneath.


This design element produces beautiful patterns of light and shadow. The lattice for your patio cover or sun arbor can be cut in different shapes.


A louvered design for your patio cover or sun arbor creates an eye-catching pattern and offers you more control over the amount of sunlight you’re letting through.